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At Beaverd we felt that the beard grooming method needs to be reinvented so we bring you a brand-new beard styling comb. Innovatively developed to be used alongside razors and clippers Beaverd comes with an ideal teeth design that ensures that any beard size can be tamed and styled effortlessly, thus being the perfect solution for a good looking beard.

Why Beaverd?

Dedicated to high quality we promise to bring you the best product you can find on the market at the most attractive price.

Beaverd Styling Comb

Meet Beaverd. The perfect solution for a good looking beard.

Innovatively developed to be used alongside razors and clippers, Beaverd Styling Tool is used to design endless facial hair style, keeping the modern man looking fresh and up to date.

  • High Quality. Our first priority is to provide our customers with quality service. This is why we always take into account the customer's wishes providing only best products.
  • Innovative Design. Perfect sized teeth design ensures that any size beard can be tamed and styled effortlessly.
  • Instructions. Beaverd package also includes a clear and descriptive instruction.

That's not All.

Also, with desire to fit any men's need we created a special pencil to help you achieve a perfect beard shape anytime you use Beaverd.

How It Works

The Cheek Line

Place the Beaverd at against the faceis a ‘J’ position, but where the long side of the ‘J’ is horizontal and the short side is vertical. Slide the Beaverd either up or down to the position where the outer edge of the ‘J’ shape would represent the edge of where you want your cheek’s beard line to be. once you nd your perfect position shave over and away from the curved edge of the Beaverd. Once this is done, your beard will be lined up exactly to the curve of where you placed the Beaverd. Repeat this step on the other side of the cheek.

The Neck Line

Use the inside curve of the Beaverd to shape the neck line. Simply place the curve where you wish your neck line to stop and use a trimmer to mark a line out. Now shave the hair away from the line you marked out.

Jaw Line

Place the Beaverd in a gun shape position, so the head of the gun will be facing your lower ear. Line the Beaverd so the bottom edge is in line with your jaw line. Tilt your head slightly to the opposite side of where the Beaverd is placed, and shave over and away from the Beaverd, taking away all your neck hairs. Repeat this both sides, to leave you with a perfectly jaw lined beard.

The Goatee

Place the thin edge of the Beaverd at the point where you wish your goatee to nish. either use clippers or a razor to shave away from the edge. Repeat this at both sides of the beard to leave you with a fantastic looking goatee.

Our Customers

My beard never looked so good since I discovered Beaverd. Simply fantastic.

Paul George

Each, I repeat each self-respected man must have this beard shaping tool.

Andrew Bayer

Beard care become more easy with Beaverd. I'm very satisfied about this product.

Steve Harvey

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